Before - During - After

Before the crisis

Together with you, we analyse the psychosocial risks,along with the emergency plans and aftercare procedures that you have in place within your organisation.

We then formulate a psychosocial crisis strategy adapted to your capacities and the existing procedures within your organisation.

Contact us and we will work out a tailor-made proposal together with you:


During the crisis

You can call us during a crisis.

We can offer advice from a distance or come on site.

During the crisis - no matter the duration - we help you monitor the well-being of all your employees.

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After the crisis

Never waste the opportunities that a crisis can bring! A crisis within your organisation can become a moment of growth, as long as you provide the right after-care.

We will work out an after-care trajectory for all those affected and suggest subsequent structural measures. Within that process, we refer to existing services where possible, and to itself if necessary.

Contact us and we will work out a tailor-made proposal, together with you:

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