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Nils Vandenbroucke

Nils Vandenbroucke is a clinical psychologist and therapist who specialises in trauma and relief after traumatic events. Nils Vandenbroucke is a lecturer at Hogeschool Vives on the subjects of 'Crisis Communication' and 'Crisis Management and Emergency Planning'. Since 2012, he has been working on the care of victims and relief workers during various disasters in Belgium, e.g. the bus disaster in Sierre, the train disaster in Wetteren, the attacks in Brussels and Zaventem, the Corona pandemic, etc.

Nils has experience with both the treatment of trauma, the reception of relief workers, and with psychosocial support in the acute phase. Besides his activities as a psychologist, he also has experience in providing training and education to companies and students at home and abroad.

You can also contact Nils as a private therapist for individual therapy or psychosocial support after traumatic events.

Koen Van Praet

Koen Van Praet is a clinical psychologist who has built up in-depth expertise on psychotrauma and the impact of shocking events on those affected as well as on psychosocial support workers. Van Praet has been involved in the psychosocial relief of those affected by all major Belgian incidents since 2000: as a relief worker and coordinator and coach to relief workers, as well as an expert-advisor to organisations and governments.

Koen Van Praet has extensive experience as a trainer within small and large organisations. His field experience and scientific expertise regarding first aid psychosocial care for victims, employees and managers is unique.

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